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Peace Corps Malawi


FOM was founded by returned Peace Corps Volunteers and is part of the National Peace Corps Association.  For those who do not know, the “Peace Corps” is a 27 month fulltime international volunteer program for US Citizens; it is a program of the United States and was founded by President John F. Kennedy in 1963. For more information on the Peace Corps, please visit:  The goal of the program is to promote friendship and peace, but also to reinforce the idea that in order to move beyond just idealism, there needs to be action.

PCVs teach in schools, provide health care, supporting agricultural projects and work on economic development alongside Malawians to work together to build the resources and capacities of villages across Malawi.

FOM is delighted to be partnering with Peace Corps Malawi to help fund their Associate Peace Corps Director Fund.  The APCD Fund supports very small scale projects (less than $150) at the community level and is structured to enable quick approval and disbursement (within 1 week).   It is intended to provide money for training/capacity building efforts and/or to serve as "seed money" for community projects that the PCV envisions will be a stepping stone to further learning and action in the future.  The small scale and rapid response allows PCVs to efficiently start up projects that require very little amounts of money. The APCD Fund is an elegant, low risk and efficient option for funding small projects and volunteers feel supported and empowered with quick decision making and funds flow.