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We seek to build a community among supporters of the Malawian people.


"Malawi is a country rich in culture, friendly people, untouched wildlife, beautiful mountains and lakes, and a distinct history that offers those who visit and live here an everlasting gift."

-Peace Corps Malawi Country Director


Stronger Community

FOM provides linkages between Malawians and Americans and also among Americans who have worked in Malawi. We encourage networking among our members, return trips to Malawi, and outreach to the Malawian Embassy in Washington, DC.


Our grants program funds small-scale, community-based projects in Malawi in the sectors of education, health, agriculture, environment, small business, etc. These projects are appropriate to their locations and reflect current needs on the ground. 


FOM promotes Malawi-oriented programming and activities that educate not only FOM's community, but the broader world. FOM does this by sharing news stories and cultural information here and via social media and our newsletter.